Laser Pistol Mk2
(c. 2260)

Laser Pistol


Standard issue personal weapon on the USS Enterprise up to about 2265.

As with the Mark-1 variant, there are at least two rotating wheels on the barrel, controlling beam power and intensity. The forward one appears to rotate the whole muzzle assembly, giving a choice of three barrels - the longest one (chosen by rotating in an anti-clockwise direction as you hold it) seems to be the highest power. Fires a red-orange beam.


Seen in the Original Series' second pilot "Where No Man has Gone Before" and the first-season episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"

This is the second of two variants of this weapon seen: in "The Cage" the stock above the gun ends in a smooth tapered curve with no sign of the rearward assembly pictured above. The purpose of these added components can only be speculated at; perhaps this was the first true hand phaser, built around a laser-pistol chassis? Certainly this weapon has the ability to disintegrate matter, not a function one associates with lasers. . .

The gun's no good in the holster, you twit!
Always ensure you get a good night's sleep before going on away missions
Oh, NOW he draws his gun
Looks suspiciously like an old army belt to me
Preparing to shoot. . .
. . . he gets shot first!
Nice view
Even better view
Kirk's weapon is smaller
Never try to dump a loony android with a gun
One assumes the earth moved