Photon Grenade Launcher
(c. 2260's)

Photon Grenade Launcher

Man-portable artillery piece held in Starfleet arsenals.
Seen in the episode "Arena." The launcher is a mortar-style weapon about 60cm in length with a bore of 80mm. It fires spherical photon grenades the size of tennis balls.

When firmly seated on the ground, range and azimuth can be adjusted using a control on the side of the weapon. As with a mortar, the grenade is simply dropped down the tube to prime and fire.

Impressions from the episode suggest the grenade has a blast radius of at least 200 yards. Captain Kirk fired a single grenade to destroy a Gorn landing party located on high ground about 1200 yards away - an officer present commented that using a projectile of such a yield at this short a range was risky.

So are we to assume that Photon Grenades are mini-photon torpedoes, containing an antimatter warhead? I'd hesitate to go that far: while the carrier for the grenades might contain a power source to maintain AM confinement, it seems risky for a ground weapon. Far safer (!) to think of the explosive as being nuclear in origin.

One note: curious resemblance of the grenades to the blue bombs used by the Gungans in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace!


Preparing for use


Kirk wonders which one has the strawberry centre


Adjusting aim

C'mon, C;mon, it's not rocket science - oh, wait, maybe it is. . .

Kirk'n'Spock share a tender moment


"Run away! Run away!"

Realising he's dropped it in the wrong way, Kirk scarpers

Red-shirt's view of weapon


Kirk & Spock cower like girls

The launcher fires!
"Smoke gets in your eyes. . ."
An innocent hill, unaware of what's about to hit it
Heeheeheeheehee. . . Wipeout!