Type-II Hand Phaser
(c. 2266)

Type-II Phaser Pistol


Comprising a Type-I phaser with a pistol-grip attachment containing a power pack (the whole pistol handle), this featured a wider range of settings and beams. Carried openly by security personnel, and by all crewmembers on hazardous missions.

Throughout the three years of the show there were a wide variety of props used, with incredible variations (three different versions can be seen here) in detailing - notably the clear muzzle (good models had a shaped acrylic muzzle, others a simple piece of plastic tubing); the machined aluminium muzzle housing and  trigger (click here for a comparative view of two examples); the knob on the left side (called the 'Dilithium knob' by the props department), and the colour and shape of the handle. Adjustments to settings were made on the Type-I unit, but firing was done via a trigger on the Type-II.

A working model with batteries and tip light did exist for easing the adding of post-production effects, but in practise it was a hindrance. In "The Enemy Within" Sulu moves his phaser from side to side to heat some rocks, which light up at the same time; the only way around this was to put in several short-burst phaser beams. This scene also features about the only occasion where a Type-I is seen being fitted onto a pistol-grip, although the exact 'proper' mechanism that attaches them remains uncertain (click here to see the Type-I and Type-II separated). On 'working' models of the prop the two sections were locked by a brass rod just behind the Type-I, and plainly visible in this picture.

The pistol grip is actually a replaceable powerpack; this idea wasn't used much, except in "The Omega Glory" where it's mentioned that Captain Tracy has exhausted all his spare packs and intends to use the Enterprise landing party's packs for further Prime Directive-flouting.

Two different kinds of holster were seen: a large, obtrusive brown belt onto which the pistol fitted (mainly seen in earlier episodes, I think), or just hanging from the waistband.

There have been rumours that one fully-functional model of the Type-II was constructed, to prevent William Shatner from recording another album. It's thought to be in the hands of a private collector in  Springfield in the USA.

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