Phaser Rifle
(c. 2265)

Type-III Phaser Rifle


Bulky and considered extremely powerful at the time, only issued in unusual circumstances. Notable for its large prefire chamber.


Only ever seen in the second Original Series pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Apart from what appeared to be a Hand Laser, this was the only weapon seen in this episode, which might indicate that phasers were new technology and the rifle was currently the only man-portable version. Of course, with the coming of Enterprise, all bets are off regarding whether the hand weapon was based on laser or phaser technology, or if this rifle was the first phaser as we've come to know them.

Spock requested a rifle as protection during his guard over the super-human Gary Mitchell; Kirk took the same one to his own ultimate confrontation with Mitchell.

Blooper or deliberate? When first seen the spade-shovel stock is horizontal; it remains so as Kirk hunts Mitchell, yet during their battle it switches to a vertical alignment as depicted above.


Ooh, I'm scared.

Yet another crap publicity photo!

Kirk chats up a woman. . .


. . . and gets his shirt gets ripped - not for the last time either!