Type-I Hand Phaser
(c. 2363)

Type-I Hand Phaser


Most recent and very small version of the hand phaser. Capable of 9 power settings.


The 'cricket' phaser - so small, it was abandoned as a prop because no-one could see it onscreen. Last seen in TNG (and not at all in DS9) in the 4th-Season episode "The Mind’s Eye," where Geordi carried it tucked into his shirtcuff. . . John Geenty, however, reminded me that one was used by Wesley Crusher in "The Game," and indeed The Boy does leave a Type-I set to fire automatically at a forcefield in order to create a distraction.

The first appearance of the Type-I in many years was in Voyager's 5th-season ep "In The Flesh" where it was modified to carry Borg nanoprobes in the particle stream - and was carried as a concealed weapon.

There seem to have been variations in detailing on the props, hardly ever visible to the naked eye, such as labelling on the buttons, or no labels. There are many fan-made versions in circulation, some of which even light up. A screen-used prop was recently sold as part of the Profiles in History auctions on eBay. As for me, I'm the 'proud' owner of a keyring version!

Designed by Rick Sternbach. Schematic

"Encounter at Farpoint" Setting
Settings Aiming
The Last outpost Justice
One glowing pink dome shoots another Zap!
"Hide and Q" It's too small to threaten someone with. . .
"Angel One" Adjusting "Too Short A Season"
Symbiosis "We'll Always Have Paris"
Girl Power Shoot two admirals and call me in the morning
A close-up of the holster, from "Conspiracy" Riker complains about the service "A Matter of Honour"
"Samaritan Snare" "Up the Long Ladder"
"Manhunt" "The Bonding"
"The Enemy" "A Matter of Perspective" One of TNG's last looks at the Type-I, from "The Mind's Eye"
Wesley sets it for automatic fire in "The Game"
The Boy leaves a phaser alone to hassle a poor defenseless forcefield

"Preemptive Strike"


Squint and you'll see it. . .

. . . the effects, however, are obvious!