Type-IV Phaser Cannon
(c. 2370's)

Long-barrelled e nergy weapon mounted on Federation transport vehicles such as the Jeep carried on Argo-type shuttles. The cannon was stored in a recessed bay at the rear of the vehicle, housed perpendicular to the direction of travel until activated and deployed, whereupon it was operated by a rearward-seated crewmember. Includes a targeting screen for better aiming.
Used by Worf in Star Trek: Nemesis, this fires large golden bolts.

Not a lot one can say about this, really. The most interesting thing about the prop is the presence of a cutaway section midway along the barrel, revealing a cluster of tubes; this assembly is identical to that on the Isomagnetic Disintegrator. Is this, then, related to that weapon?

I'm bound to get some mail regarding my labelling this a Type-IV phaser; suffice to say the definition of one - a medium sized phaser fitted to small vehicles such as shuttlecraft - doesn't rule it out, and I had to call it something!

The Argo jeep, with cannon stowed

The cannon deploys
side view
ready for action

View from operator's perspective
From above
And in mid-air!