El-Aurian Disruptor
(c. 2370)


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Hand-weapon owned by Dr. Tolian Soran.
Seen in Star Trek: Generations. It's a curious device, the bulk of which consists of a hefty gun-butt (presumably containing the power-cell) attached to a comparatively diminutive barrel/emitter. This appears to stay above the butt until needed when it rotates down through 90 (to the right from the perspective of the holder) to the firing position illustrated below.

We can't even be sure of the name; although, since there are very few El-Aurians left and this weapon appears home-made, we'll give it the benefit of the doubt. The overly mechanical nature of the design and the green pulses it produces are extremely reminiscent of Borg weaponry. This might be intentional, but if so it's a bit late for any concerns that Dr. Soran is obsessing over what's past. . .

Given the obvious trigger-guard, it's hard to mistake for anything other than a weapon, and any scan or transporter filter would recognise it as such. This raises certain questions, for instance: did Soran have it on him when he was forcibly evacuated to the Enterprise-D? If so, why wasn't it detected? If not, how did he effect his return to the Amargosa observatory (although there are plenty of non-forcible ways he could have defied Captain Picard's restriction)? And where was it hidden in the observatory that could escape all the scans that would have followed an attack by Romulans, similarly armed with disruptors?

Muzzle assembly

He must be evil, he holds his gun sideways like Keyser Soze

A whole new way of helping a blind person cross the road - knock them out and beam them across
Presumably footage from the first ending prior to the re-shoot