Phaser Drilling Tool
(c. 2370's)

Phaser Drill - Click for larger image

Semi-portable drilling tool.
If the settings given on the Tech page are accurate and canon, then one wonders what is so special about a phaser drill given what setting 16 on a Type-II phaser can do! Presumably the answer lies in some sort of enhanced power pack as well as easier, steadier aiming.

However, as Nelson Eisel points out: "A phaser on setting 16 'explosively decouples' rock, causing 'massive geologic displacement.'  A phaser drilling tool sounds to me like a phaser
with incresed precision, and more importantly, a more controlled excavation. Imagine standing beside Chakotay, Seven and B'Elanna as the rock face just a couple of meters away is hit by a setting 16 blast, shatters, and flies towards you. . ."
On the other hand, in the TNG episode "Chain of Command part I" Worf uses a standard Type-II phaser to drill a passage through solid rock!

Not a weapon per se, but all the same it could be used as one! Seen in the Voyager episode "Once Upon a Time."


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