Captain Proton's Raygun
(c. 1930's)



Captain Proton's trusty sidearm, a valuable weapon in his fight against the world-domination plans of the evil Chaotica. A similar sidearm is carried by Captain Proton's loyal sidekick Buster Kincaid.


No mere plastic-and-glass prop for the once-and-future-Lieutenant Paris (and the eternal Ensign Kim)! With the holodeck safeties disengaged, this is apowerful laser pistol capable of severely injuring one of the dark-adapted aliens from "Night." Of course, the creature was reported as having phaser burns, therefore it's safe to assume that despite its outward (and outlandish) appearance the weapon was 'really' a phaser.

The images below also reveal that the weapon used by Harry Kim's character (as seen in the ep "Bride of Chaotica!") is of a different model, but equally powerful, one assumes. . .

Captain Proton to the rescue!

When he stops posing, that is. . .

Realising he can only save one, he naturally shoots Harry. Yay!

Before shooting the enemy instead. Boo hiss!

Captain Proton is menaced by. . . a dentist's light?

All together now: "take ten paces, turn and fire!"

Note stupid facial expression


Kim's is bigger. You know what this means.