Varon-T Disruptor Pistol
(c. 2360's)

Varon-T Disruptor Pistol


Disruptor illegal in the Federation, only 5 were built. A merchant named Kivas Fajo owned one, and claimed to have four of them. If so, following his arrest they would have been confiscated and destroyed (as was the one he was seen with, it being deactivated during a transporter sequence).

The weapon itself was decidedly unpleasant, with the disruption effect being initiated within the victim's body and then being very slow to propagate, taking upwards of 10 seconds to compete vapourisation - a singularly unpleasant way to die.


Seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation's 3rd-season ep "The Most Toys."

The name itself seems to be a bit of an SF in-joke: there was a character in the pilot episode of Blakes 7 called Tel Varon. If not, it's a hell of a coincidence! Especially since the USS Liberator destroyed at Wolf 359 was allegedly named for the ship from that show.

The prop was subsequently re-dressed to play a variety of phasers carried by members of the Maquis and the "Gambit" space pirates.

Fajo keeps one in his safe. . . where are the others?


Who dropped this weapon? Ten push-ups, NOW!

So near, yet. . .

He's mad now - but then he was mad before!


Data prepares to put Fajo out of our misery

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