Winchester Pulse Rifle
(c. 2150)

Winchester Pulse Rifle


Civilian plasma rifle commonly owned by farmers in the 22nd Century.

Well, that's about all one can say about it! Farmer Moore of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, USA carried a pulse-firing rifle of a design reminiscent of the old Winchester repeater. It's not beyond the bounds of probability that, just as the original design from the 1870's is still in use today, a high-tech version might one day appear.

One thing to note is the power: one shot knocks a Klingon flying with near-fatal injuries.

The weapon appeared to be cocked (or loaded) by either slapping a plate on the underside of the rifle; or, maybe he was just ensuring a power-pack was securely inserted.

Seen in the Enterprise pilot "Broken Bow." The prop was designed by Craig Binkley and Jim Martin, by 'retroing' a Benelli Nova shotgun with aluminium add-ons and a light-up red insertable plasma cartridge.

"Dang! There's one of them thar Balrogs in mah woodpile!"

Farmer Moore prepares to deliver a good old down-home Oklahoman ass-whoopin'

Cocking the rifle

Ready for action A Klingon should lie low after destroying one's silo
All this smoke on a farm, must be a Foot-and-Mouth joke somewhere. . .