May 2009: The new Star Trek film is out, and I've finally done a page on the new phaser.

December 2007: Not just updates two months in a row, but two, then three in a month! This time, the TR-116, the Compression Phaser Rifle and the 2370's-era Type-III rifle (the "FC Rifle") have received long-needed updates: decent images, more information and speculation and - in the latter case - a new revelation courtesy of Kevin Ericon. Props should also go to Alec Peters of The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog for being the 47th person to annoy me over the 3a/3b naming issue, and thus the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. . .

November 2007: Jörg Hillebrand has been hard at work making screencaps, and has found even more examples of the Type-I phaser. And there's a lot, lot more to come. . . Thanks Jörg!

August 2007: I've been through and removed all dead links from the credits below. If your web address has changed, please let me know. More updates soon, as soon as I retrieve my files from my defunct PC. . .

February 2007: At last, an update! The TOS Type-II Hand Phaser page has gained mostly-all-new DVD-quality images.

In other news, I'm very chuffed to receive an award from Starbase Adran. Only got 14% of the vote in their cook-off for site of the year, but then that'll teach me to update a bit more often, I guess! Thanks also to everyone who's continued to write in with comments, praise, and criticism. I hope I'll get round to doing the specific weapons you've all written in about (especially you, Jovan!). . .

Previous Updates: The EM-33 page has been updated for what may well be the last time barring any further MACO-sidearms images cropping up; I've also just updated the Phase Pistol page - but there's more to come as soon as I actually get it organised. The TFF-TUC phaser pistol page, and the Dustbuster phaser page, have been totally revamped, with new DVD-quality caps and more info and speculation.

The MACO page is now defunct. Instead, please have a look at Memory Alpha's MACO Personnel page - they've done far better at cataloguing everyone than I ever did!

Lastly, until I put up a proper disclaimer, can I say this: all images on this site remain the property of Paramount Pictures Inc. I do not claim ownership of any of them, apart from a few schematics I have created myself. Accordingly, anything here is available for you to use at your own risk (except the aforementioned schematics) but I hope out of politeness you'll let me know, and give me some credit. I welcome people who want to provide links to this site on their own pages, and will gladly reciprocate.

- Lee


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